Putting motivated budding surgeons in touch with experienced and knowledgable supervisors.

Allowing them to work together to achieve research goals, with the ultimate aim of improving research mass within the region.
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At present there is a lack of obviously available opportunities for keen young aspiring surgeons.

Whilst there is copious amounts of quality research happening throughout the region, along with the NIHR academic training pathway, students and junior trainees struggle to find opportunities to get involved in research projects, which in reality should be much easier to do. Furthermore more active engagement may be possible to educate juniors as to the potential ways they may incorporate a research interest into their careers as surgeons.

The Idea

By setting up the academy we aim to guide, educate and inspire the next generation of research leaders in every field of surgery.

We aim to put experienced and knowledgable supervisors in touch with the motivated cohort of budding surgeons, allowing them to work together to achieve research goals, with the ultimate aim of improving research mass within the region.

With increased conference representation via abstract presentations, as well as peer reviewed publications, adding to the regions research portfolio and increasing funding opportunities within the North East surgical community.

It will provide the opportunity for senior trainees to advertise project ideas and lead studies with students and junior trainees, allowing them to develop invaluable research supervision and mentoring experience

Training Opportunities

NESTAC will establish a mentor/mentee network, much like the academy of medical sciences model.

Our ultimate ambition is to provide future funding for dedicated NESTAC academic posts within the training programme through Research Capacity Funding, with encouragement for these trainees to go on to academic training pathways (i.e. ACF, ACL and intermediate investigator posts, providing support throughout the training process.

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NESTAC is honoured to be officially affiliated with the NIHR, which we very much hope will help propel the academy forward and improve research engagement across the region.

The following mission statement has been generated by the local NIHR team.
Increase NIHR CRN engagement and visibility within NESTAC
Where applicable, engage with CRN to ensure portfolio inclusion for all suitable studies
Increase engagement with NESTAC to ensure increased knowledge of NIHR portfolio research and processes
Engage with Research Careers strategic team to ensure NESTAC is included in the ‘find your place’ build

NESTAC Committee Members

Colin Wilson

Consultant hepato-pancreato-biliary and transplant surgeon

Freeman Hospital, Newcastle
Professor Derek Alderson

Consultant Upper GI surgeon
RCSEng President

RVI, Newcastle
Professor Derek Manas

Consultant hepato-pancreato-biliary and transplant surgeon

Freeman Hospital, Newcastle
Professor Andy Fisher

Dean of Clinical Medicine and Professor of Respiratory Transplant Medicine

Newcastle University
John Moir

General Surgery Registrar

Freeman Hospital, Newcastle
Deena Harji

General Surgery Registrar (Colorectal)
& NOSTRA President

RVI, Newcastle
Rory Morrison

Orthopaedic registrar
CORNET president

Northern Deanery
Ruth Owen
Medical student
Sam Tingle
Academic trainee
Michael Goodfellow
Academic trainee
Pooja Prasad
Academic trainee