Recommended courses, learning opportunities and resources for research involvement and support.

Educational Resources
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Clinical Research Programme


Online courses run by Newcastle University, encouraging students to plan, conduct and write up clinical research which focuses on area of speciality interest.

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Cancer Studies Programme


Innovative online course by Newcastle University, aiming to cover all aspects of cancer care, developing clinical leadership and excellence.

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Clinical Academic Office

Research support

Facilitates opportunities for both students and trainees, as well as running the academic career training programmes. Contact the Joint Research Office (JRO) for support and sign-posting for your research needs.

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Graduate School Skills Development

Online Modules and Seminars

The faculty of medical sciences at Newcastle University provides a number of online modules and workshops/seminars relevant to both formal research degrees and clinical studies including: research methodology and governance, writing up and statistics workshops, including 1-to-1 advice from a statistician.

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Newcastle Academic Medicine Society

Student-led academia

Medical school society aiming to bridge the gap between undergraduate medical education and academia, providing opportunities for research involvement as well as hosting regular events including an annual conference.

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Good Clinical Practice

GCP e-learning module

Every clinician involved in research should complete this training, ensuring all research is conducted to the utmost ethical, scientific and clinical standards.

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