Improving research engagement throughout the North East by connecting students and trainees with supervising mentors.

North East Surgical Training Academy facilitates access to research project opportunities, as well as providing training events.
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Our Vision

We believe, as well as the RCSEng, that quality research experience should be available for all trainees throughout their training, regardless of speciality and training programme.


Discover talented and ambitious medical students and junior doctors aspiring to an academic surgical career.


Engage students and trainees providing expert training and guidance through their academic surgical training.


Provide access to world class facilities and personnel facilitating and co-oridinating research activity within the region.

Mentoring Surgical Research Talent

Not only is good research essential to improve and advance patient care, it allows trainees to develop a host of additional skills in critical appraisal, organisation, team work and leadership which will make them a more well-rounded clinician in future. As such NESTAC will aim to improve the availability of quality projects and access to experienced supervisors.

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