NESTAC Committee Announce Abstracts Prizes

The NESTAC committee are delighted to announce that at the forthcoming meeting the following abstracts will be presented in the prize sessions.

Three judges scored all the abstracts, with the best 2 marks being combined to form a composite score. If the judges were involved in the work they withdrew from marking that particular abstract. The NESS prize for surgeons grade ST2 and below was particularly competitive with 18 abstracts competing for only 8 presentation slots. Unsuccessful submissions have already been emailed with feedback.


Congratulations to the following submissions (in no specific order)


NESTAC medal (medical students)


Akter Postoperative pain relief after major pancreatic resection: systematic review and meta-analysis of analgesic modalities
Cheekoty Mitral valve re-repair vs replacement following failed initial repair: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Ali Closed Incision Negative Pressure Wound Therapy is associated with reduced Surgical Site Infection after Emergency Laparotomy: A propensity matched cohort analysis
Thejasvin Routine nasogastric decompression versus no decompression during pancreatoduodenectomy: Metaanalysis of perioperative outcomes
Raigor Survival Outcomes in Patients with Stage II (T2N0M0) Glottic Cancer Treated with Primary Radiotherapy
Lea Does robotic colorectal surgery decrease the risk of an anastomotic leak?
Cheong Hypochromia is an early marker of iron deficiency anaemia
Stubbs Pre-fracture mobility is an independent predictor of post-operative outcomes in hip fracture surgery


NESS medal (surgeons ST2 and below)


Mohammadi-Zaniani SARS-CoV-2 infection in acute pancreatitis increases disease severity and 30 day mortality: Results of the COVID PAN collaborative study.
Marks Ischaemic bowel in the North of England: trends in management approach and patient outcomes
Sivarahan The influence of sarcopenia on lower limb bypass and major lower limb amputation outcomes
Fernandes The effect of immediate versus early instillation of mitomycin C after transurethral resection of bladder cancer: Is timing everything?
Chmelo Feasibility and impact of a home-based prehabilitation programme on patients receiving neoadjuvant treatment for oesophagogastric cancer (the ChemoFit study)
Chmelo Does cardiopulmonary testing help predict long-term survival after oesophagectomy?
Likupe Catheter Directed Thrombolysis; are poor quality referrals impacting patient selection for treatment?


Feggetter prize (surgeons ST3 and above)


Shelmerdine Pain control following major lower limb amputation; a cohort study
Rizvi Management of acute ureteric colic in a large tertiary centre during the initial COVID-19 pandemic – how did our practice change?
Uzzaman The Impact of COVID-19 on the presentation, stage and management of head and neck cancer patients: A real time assessment
Bhatti Esophageal cancer in Barret’s Esophagus: Can Artificial-intelligence (AI) based models help in early detection?
Mather Human middle ear epithelium is permissive to infection with SARS-CoV-2
Musbahi A Review of Online Patient Literature Related to Oesophageal Surgery – The Need for Greater Readability, Accreditation and Higher Quality
Uzzaman Evaluating Role Radiotherapy in Management of Acinic cell cancers(ACC) – a systematic review of literature
Wang The North East Frailty Score – A New Comprehensive Frailty Tool  for Elective Cardiac Surgery Patients – Results of the Pilot Study

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