Spring 2021 Meeting Report and Winners

Congratulations to all the medal and prize winners at the May joint NESS and NESTAC meeting and thanks to all the contributors, your feedback has been very positive.

NESTAC Student medal
Joint winners

Alex Lea and Nasreen Akter

NESS Junior Doctor medal

Jakub Chmelo

Feggetter Prize

Lu Wang

In 2016 we had 8 abstracts submitted and this year 2021 nearly 40 – all very high quality. The greatest hope for the future is the numbers coming through at Medical Student and Foundation/CT1 level keen to engage with research. Surgical research is something people want to get involved with. There is great potential here for us all to build and it would be great if we could try and generate some projects across specialities which would be successful for national funding.
I am thinking particularly here about Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Frailty and Ageing– areas where the North East has a strong track record and where we are all focused. I know various NESTAC Mentors are leading in these areas and I hope we can showcase and build these efforts through the NESTAC collaboration.
We look forward to meeting up again in October to engage with the new Medical Students – this time in person!
Colin Wilson
NESTAC Committee

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